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Why we do what we do:

As our neighborhoods continue to expand, many opportunities present themselves; opportunities for jobs, expanded housing, shopping, and quality of life. However, this expansion also presents other types of opportunities not quite as pleasant. Our suburban expansion puts homeowners and wildlife on a course to be too close at times. Raccoons, opossums, beaver, coyote, nutria, and armadillo all now have the same need for habitat as we do.

These close living conditions present many potential problems. First of all, many of our furry neighbors carry diseases that can be contracted by humans. Secondly, many of these same animals have begun to loose their fear of humans and this in no way makes these animals any more approachable, only more dangerous.

Coyotes have small dogs and cats as easy meals, raccoons have a special fondness for cat and dog food, both of these situations possibly bringing these animals too close to humans. Sometimes they are as close as on your porch.

Before I suggest a solution to these problems, should you be in need of one, let me say two other things. First, unless it is an emergency, the local sheriff will not respond to wildlife problems. Second, the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries will not respond to non-emergency wildlife problems either. So, what is one to do?

Wildlife and Fisheries has NWCO’s, Nuisance Wildlife Control Operators, and our job is to fill the gap that other agencies cannot. Our desire is to help homeowners and landowners with the safe removal of problem animals (wildlife).

Our primary choice of capture is live trap. These traps do not harm the wildlife, and will not harm your dog or cat if incase one of your own pets should decide check out the traps. We also advise property owners about other possible solutions to prevent potential further problems from starting. Certain cases, depending on the problematic species, do not involve trapping at all; the species are removed by method of exclusion only. Exclusion methods typically used for bat cases and will require the entrance/exit to be sealed once it is known that all animals are gone to ensure they do not return. Your bid will include sealing of the entrance/exit unless stated otherwise.

I have logged many miles and many hours in the woods and fields observing and studying wildlife. I want to bring my experience to you by helping to provide a pleasant quality of life close to nature, but not TOO close.

It is very important that homeowners are aware of some very important trapping information. Not everyone who is a hunter is experienced enough to trap nuisance wildlife in and around your property; this is why the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries has a separate licensing department for nuisance wildlife control. If you have a friend, neighbor or family member willing to “help” you out by trapping for you to save you money, be sure to ask yourself a few questions before making your decision. First, if they are successful in trapping the animal, are they going to let it go? If so, then where? According to guidelines, in order to release any wildlife onto someone’s property, you must have written permission from the landowner. And, if they do “dump” the animal elsewhere, is it going to affect another residence as it did yours? Second, if they say they will kill the animal, are you sure that the particular species is not protected under federal law? And, once they kill this animal where will they “dump” the remains? Now for one of the most important questions to ask yourself; if this person that is “helping” you out happens to get bitten or injured in any way by this animal, who is going cover their medical expenses? Will this “helper” in turn sue you and/or your homeowners insurance? Please be sure that anyone you use carries general liability insurance.

I sincerely hope that you have found this information to be helpful. Please feel free to contact us with any further questions or to schedule your inspection. We do offer 24hr emergency services. I look forward to working with our community.

David Milliken
As with all types of services, we cannot offer our services free of charge. This business does have plenty of overhead just as any other business does. The cost of being fully licensed and insured, traps, bait, fuel, etc. do add up. Upon contacting us, we will set up a time to do an inspection of your property and assess situation at hand. The initial cost includes the inspection and set-up of traps. There is a per animal removal charge as well, all fees vary based on the individual situation.

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